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Healthy Hearts & Wellness offers IV therapy to deliver essential  Vitamins , Minerals and   Amino Acids; to give a quick pick -me -up for your overall health, vitality and wellness and beauty.

Our vitamin injections are  a fantastic way to boost your energy , metabolism , breakdown fat , enhance collagen and wellness at a cellular level . Because it bypass the digestive tract , which allows 100% absorption by our body cells . The vitamins we offer help with this process. 

Our beauty sculpting lounge provides body contouring, Lipo dissolving  injections, laser lipo belt, RF and  Ultrasonic Cavitation  . All treatments are non-invasive and requires no down time .We offer PRP for facial and hair restoration using your body's own plasma for youthful skin and hair growth.
We also offer weight loss programs , routine labs ,drug screening and physical exams for school and work for people who's 18 years  and older. 
We do not offer primary care , we only manage our programs you must f/u with your PCP to treat and manage diseases outside of Healthy Hearts & Wellness . Always discuss with your PCP before any new program including diet , body sculpting & vitamin therapy . Please inform us if you have any changes in health status or unusual symptoms during our program .Some restrictions may apply.....

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