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Healthy Hearts & Wellness 

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs!!!

Take control of your whole health with the help of a licensed provider. You’re more than just your weight. Book your virtual visit Today.


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Healthy Hearts & Wellness LLC

A Family Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of healthcare experience . She has worked in various  settings  of healthcare including hospice, emergency , community care, and home health. As she  barked on a new journey with healthcare helping others manage their weight and providing tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle with Healthy Hearts & Wellness LLC 


Services We Offer

Our client provides comprehensive healthcare services, specializing in weight loss programs, mental health support, and confidential STD treatments. With a dedicated team of professionals, they prioritize personalized care to promote overall well-being and address individual health needs.

Waiting Room

Affordable Online Visits with Real Providers for Only $65

No more waiting to see a provider for your health and medical needs. You can now get the most affordable online visits through our telehealth services. Talk to a real provider today for as low as $65 . No copays. No hidden fees. No insurance needed. We do not carry or ship medicines. Prescriptions are sent electronically to your pharmacy after an online medical consultation.Our consultation fee does not include the cost of your medication.

The home STI kits test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. Collection is typically a urine (pee) sample and is easy to return with packaging and return labels including in the kits. Lapcorp supplies test ( Additional fees will apply)

To request a testing kit, you will need to have a telehealth visit with one of our providers.

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Client Testimonials


Thanks to Healthy Hearts & Wellness LLC, I achieved my weight loss goals with their personalized programs. Their holistic approach to mental health and discreet STD treatments sets them apart – a truly comprehensive wellness solution.


Healthy Hearts & Wellness LLC transformed my well-being! Their expert guidance in weight loss, compassionate mental health support, and confidential STD treatment services have been instrumental in my journey to a healthier life.


Choosing Healthy Hearts & Wellness LLC was a game-changer. Their integrated services covering weight loss, mental health, and STD treatments showcase a commitment to holistic wellness. Grateful for the positive impact on my health journey.

We Accept Insurance 

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